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Interest Calculator

This calculator determines the interest of a series of equal payments for any date range. All pay periods are assumed to be consecutive.  If the last week for a given date range is fractional, this calculator prorates the weekly amount accordingly, calculates the number of days late for this fractional payment, determines the correct Daily Amount, and figures interest accordingly. This interest is added to the interest for the consecutive whole weeks. If the rate of payment changes, or it lost time is intermittent, separately calculate each payment period. For additional calculations, change the values in the appropriate boxes, and click "calculate."

Interest Rate from 10/01/14 until 12/31/14:*     %
(*Manually change the rate if "date benefits will be paid" is outside of the above date range.)

Weekly benefit amount payable: $
Date Benefits Began:    / / (mm / dd / yyyy)
Date of First Notice:**    / / (mm / dd / yyyy)
(**if later than date benefits began.)

Date Benefits Ended:    / / (mm / dd / yyyy)
Date Benefits Will be Paid:    / / (mm / dd / yyyy)

Total Number of Weeks:     seventh(s)
Interest Only:  $
Total of Payments: $
Total of Payments plus interest: $

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